Monday, September 30, 2013

Flowers In Your Hair

I guess I'll finally admit that summer is now over. BUT I hope to get away with one last transitioning from summer-to-fall outfit!

How are all you lovely people?


(Plaid sweater: Thrift shop $8, Rock Out With Your Heart Out graphic top: $4, Denim sparkly shorts: $10, Feather sandles: $12)

I'm not sure exactly what I'd describe this look as other than a soft festival look.
It is a mix of rock, punk, and boho thrown together! Whatever you'd call it; it was super easy to throw together and still feel put together. I feel like the shoes and necklace bring in an almost tribal slash boho touch to the otherwise punk rock look of this.

For those more hardcore festival goers (and if it was still hot out) I'd say you could go without the plaid jacket and black tank top underneath the crop top! Or maybe just tie the plaid sweater around your waist for an even more punk rock look perfect for summer.
Or if you're going for a more boho twist... wear a maxi skirt instead of the shorts.

And if you still feel cold with this look; I'd say ditch the sandles and grab a pair of combat boots! Man, did I ever tell you how much I LOVE combat boots? No? Well no worries, my dears, there will be plenty of looks featuring combat boots! Promise.

Anyway thank you for your lovely comments on my older posts. I seriously loved reading and responding to each one.
Keep them coming!

Questions? Comments? Or concerns?
Lemme know. I can take it.

Peace, (rock and roll), and love,

Friday, September 27, 2013

Back To Cool

Hello my darlings,
TGIF; am I right? Let's get crazy cause it's finally the weekend and let's talk about patterns! Crazy patterns!

(Studded Button-up Tank: $10, Yellow Striped Cardigan: $10, Denim Shorts: $10, Polka Dot Tights: $8, Shoes: Vintage and free)

I wanted a transitional outfit for the beginning of Autumn and it's semi mild weather. Hey it's raining but this is the great North Wet after all, we should be used to it by now, right?

I had a lot of fun planning this outfit.
I adore these shoes and wish I had more. I also paired it with a cute pink polka dot bow to add a bit of whimsy to the look. Anyone else as big of a fan, of tights with shorts, as I am?

There are a lot of patterns to this look. From the studs allover the tank top collar, to the polka dots on the tights and bow, to the chevron stripes on the shoes, to the horizontal strips on the sweater!
What's your favorite part? Or do you even believe in mixing patterns yourself?

Have the most excellent weekend and until next time, my darlings
Peace, FUN, and love,

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

More Than Just A Dream

But for reals, though. Isn't this dress an absolute dream?

(Dress: $11, Tree necklace: $12, Shoes: From some antique store at the beach for $18 and that originally came from

Hello, once again, you beautiful people!
I hope you are all having one wonderful first week of Autumn. How's everyone likin' that rain?
I seriously need to invest in some rain boots, but man, those are expensive! I'll find a way, the great thrifter I am, after all.

Western slash flower child is BIG this summer and I believe that it'll be BIG this fall as well. Why not transition from summer to fall with a few of the same key pieces?
This gorgeous lace dress is heavy enough to wear to keep warm, although next time, I think I'd add some boots and tights!
Because the dress is covered in lace; I didn't feel the need to over accessorize! I went simple with a small statement necklace and some cute dress shoes.

How would you accessorize this look?

Anywho, you loves have a wondrous rest of your week!
Hang in there, we're halfway there, tomorrow is hump day after all...

Peace and love,

Monday, September 23, 2013

Secrets From Our American Dreams

Hello beautiful people!

(Dress: for around $11, Belt bracelet: Portland Saturday Market Artist $20, Shoes: $15)

Nothing says North West pride to me better than tribal print and this dress screams it! The dress I picked up for a very good price at a local thrift store in the area which is great for people who delight in going green and not wasting more material. The dress is light enough for summer time, and with a pair of leggings and a cute sweater, this dress would be great for fall as well! Because of the tribal print I thought that more "natural" jewelry would fit the genre as well a feather accessories galore!

Can I ask you the cheesiest question?
Does this look whisper secrets of American dreams to you or scream our national anthem?

Please leave me some love cause I'd appreciate some feedback!

Peace and Love,

North West Dressed

 Hello blogger world!
It's me, Minda, once again reclaiming my spot in the wonderful world of fashion blogging.
Or mainly just blogging in general.
But after many failed and some triumphant blogs later... I am back and hopefully better than ever!
This time I'm gonna dedicate my blog to purely fashion.

This is my mission statement if you will...

This blog is dedicated to not just any style but North West style to be specific! #NorthWestIsBest after all, right?
And another thing; I don't know how many of you out there are possibly struggling to make ends meet or just another broke college student like myself yet you wish you could afford a cute closet? Well this is DEFINITELY the blog for you.
Not only is my blog about North West style BUT as a poor girl with a passion for fashion and without a fat wallet. This blog is gonna show that you too can be stylin' no matter what your price range is.

It's not about the money, money, money...
(Mainly cause I don't have any. Nevertheless it's about style.)

Anywhoosies, thanks for taking the time to come check out my new blog. You already rock my world!

Peace and love,