Tuesday, September 24, 2013

More Than Just A Dream

But for reals, though. Isn't this dress an absolute dream?

(Dress: http://www.buffaloexchange.com/ $11, Tree necklace: http://www.shopfuego.com/ $12, Shoes: From some antique store at the beach for $18 and that originally came from http://www.ninewest.com/)

Hello, once again, you beautiful people!
I hope you are all having one wonderful first week of Autumn. How's everyone likin' that rain?
I seriously need to invest in some rain boots, but man, those are expensive! I'll find a way, the great thrifter I am, after all.

Western slash flower child is BIG this summer and I believe that it'll be BIG this fall as well. Why not transition from summer to fall with a few of the same key pieces?
This gorgeous lace dress is heavy enough to wear to keep warm, although next time, I think I'd add some boots and tights!
Because the dress is covered in lace; I didn't feel the need to over accessorize! I went simple with a small statement necklace and some cute dress shoes.

How would you accessorize this look?

Anywho, you loves have a wondrous rest of your week!
Hang in there, we're halfway there, tomorrow is hump day after all...

Peace and love,


  1. Woaah new blog, ey? Nice to have you back :) And I seriously need to get some rain boots too- I'm gonna put off that splurge as long as I can, haha. And I'm loving your dress! All you have to do is pop a denim jacket over it and it's perfect for fall :D

    xo marlen
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    1. Marlen! Thank you so much for checking out my new blog :) I will be keeping the old one as well but that one is just going to be mainly for music! But this blog I dedicate it all to fashion. I've never done one just for fashion so I'm excited to try it out!
      Thank you so much, darling <3

      Let me know if you find any great prices for cute ones!

  2. wow ! great new blog, I think you have nice tastes in fashion... This lace dress is a good romantic inspiration... Yes , rain boots become expensive since they are increasingly introduced in current trends ! So you can found some similar models very cheap in Asia web. The new alternative style in Europa is to wear cheap riding or equestrian boots with high socks up, the effect is so chic !

    1. Oh well aren't you sweet? Thank you for your very kind and gracious words.I will definitely have to check out that website; thanks again!
      Hope to hear again from you soon

  3. This last dress is perfect, so that is a good idea to complete with different styles of outfits like boots, jeans pants, white over the knee socks or simply like these pics !

    1. Tanya, friend, you always make me smile with your comments! Thank you so much. You're an absolute doll <3

      Ooooh knee socks? I never though of that! Thanks girl :)

  4. Such a stunning dress!
    I really need rain boots as well, but I haven't gotten any yet because of the same reason..

    1. Let me know if you pick some up :)

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment, my dear

  5. Gostosa, linda, sensual, delicada, gostei e deixo para voce beijos e beijos