Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cheap And Easy Halloween Costume Idea

Hello beautiful people!

How is your October going so far?
Now how many Halloween festivities or parties have you been invited to? With no time or money or even any idea of what to wear for all of these stinkin' parties?
You're not only one popular human but you have no time for making something pretty to wear to one of these shindigs...

Well I am here to (hopefully) help you, my darlings

Cheap and Easy Costume Idea Number 1.

80's girl
Well maybe this is more of a Madonna/80's rockstar costume...
But it's pretty darn cute and pretty darn cheap to create as well! I put this costume together in probably just the time it took me to stop by the Goodwill for some key pieces!

The dress is $11 from, the tights are $6 from, the shoes are just something I had in my closet, I grabbed the jacket for like $4 from my local Goodwill, (Goodwill is like a 70's-80's treasure box) and then I just threw on some crazy bulky jewelry and bought some bright red lipstick.
Now crimp your hair or find a scrunchie for a sassy side pony, and you got yourself a look that Cyndi Lauper
 herself would rock!
So I hoped this helped ya maybe get the ball rolling! This look was super easy and cheap to make. I think this would be perfect for any dancing Halloween parties with the comfy ballet flats and the flowy dress. You might even invest in some leg warmers for this look or maybe a leather jacket instead of the sheer one I chose.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned if ya wanna get some more cheap and easy costume ideas!
Love, Minda

Monday, October 14, 2013

School Is Back In Session

Happy Monday, my loves

Wow it's been inexcusably long since I've blogged. But I have a good excuse nonetheless!
So I started a new job as a substitute teacher and I have three online courses to finish by the end of this month. Yup, I still have homework even as a teacher.
But let me tell you; I absolutely LOVE my new job.
And now this is where what I am going on about fits in perfectly with this outfit post...

This look totally has a sort of school girl vibe to it, don't you think?
(Gray sweater: Pacsun $16, Vest: Papaya $11, Green skirt: Forever21 $12, Black thigh high socks: Wet Seal $8, Oxford shoes: Vintage thrift shop Nine West brand $18)

Gotta say I'm digging the transitioning from Summer to Fall style right now. So that's what this look would be categorized under.
You wanna make this more summery? Lose the sweater and possibly the socks. Wanna rock this for fall? You could even through on some see-through black tights under the socks and wear a long sleeve shirt under the vest.
The possibilities are endless.

Now I'd say this look is more student appropriate than teacher but it reminds me of school anyways.

What do ya'll think of this look?

Leave me some beautiful feedback cause I adore hearing from you!
Have a great rest of your week, peoples!

Love, Minda

Sunday, October 6, 2013

It's Time To Say Goodbye To Summer

Hello my loves
It's now October but the sun came back to give us one last hug. So it seems. Or maybe just came back for today to rub it in our faces that now all we have to look forward to is the rain and cold.
Either way I wanted to share this one last look of summer with you.

(Festival dress: Thrift at $14, Shoes:, Necklace:

I found this dress at one of my favorite Portland thrift stores; Buffalo Exchange.
Isn't the dress just absolutely perfect for summer festivals? I haven't had the chance to wear it to one yet but you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be strutting my stuff in the dress next summer.

Of course when I actually go to a festival in this dress I'm probably gonna switch out the shoes for something easier to walk in but I felt like being glam for the day and these shoes were what I chose.
I'd recommend pairing this dress with some shoes that will have less of a chance of killing you than the ones I'm wearing. Maybe some sandles, or better yet, boots!

The flowers sort of give it an old hippy 70s vibe but the cuts give it a modern day twist.
 It's the best of both worlds. Two of my favorite time periods; the 70's Woodstock and music era and of course the one I'm alive in and get to experience. 

And if you're gonna be vibin' in this dress you better find yourself a pretty flower crown like the one I got. You just have to.
Nothing says flower child more than rocking a flower crown.

Well thanks for reading, my flower children.

Peace, Minda

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sweater Weather

Happy Hump Day everyone!
We're halfway to the weekend; YESSS!!!
Have some great plans, anyone?

 (Gray sweater: $12, Plaid shirt: a gift $0, Black skinny jeans: $20, Shoes: $16, Beanie: $8.)

Alright guys, I apologize for the semi boring background I used for this particular shoot. I say semi boring because of my really cool band posters on the wall. At least I think they're cool...
Anywho, back to the point being, well it's sweater weather right now. I had to use my other bedroom because of the rain. SO MUCH RAIN.
I guess that's why they call it the great North Wet. That's funny, right?

Well I just wanted to wear something warm and comfy on a cold and crappy day. 
I almost pretended like the weather was better by just wearing tennis shoes rather than boots. Although I'd totally recommend rocking some boots with this look. Me? I'm just trying to be different.
I LOVE layers. And plaid goes with everything. Are you a big plaid person yourself? No? Dude, you are seriously missing out.
Now if I had more money to buy more things, like beanies for instance, I'd grab some more colors. Oh well, at least this way it makes me look like I could kick it with Nirvana. You know, like I could've been best friends with Kurt or something, no big deal.

Alright I came and I entertained (See what I did there?), now it's your turn, I would really really really love to hear from you!

And a HUGE shout out to all of the beautiful people who commented on my last post. You guys all seriously gave me the biggest smile (You should've seen how many weird looks I got from smiling at random people today) with all of the sweet things you had to say.
So thanks!

Love, Minda