Thursday, February 6, 2014

Washed As White As Snow

Happy February, my lovelies!

Even though I'm probably the hundredth person (in the North West at least) to say this and yet I'm sayin' it anyway...
Good ol' PNW, you never let me down or cease to amaze me.
We gotta about six inches so far and it's still snowing!

My look for the day, is of course, WARM!
I'm all 'bout that big cozy sweater life.
(Sweater: Thrifted $8, Leggings: Hand-me-downs $0, Boots: Ross $18)
I wasn't out in the snow for too long or else I would've had more layers on! However this was a super comfy outfit to wear around the house and yet is cute enough to wear to a ski resort or something!
I wanted to take some pictures out in the snow because it was too pretty that I could not take them. I am showing this look to show of my adorable thrifted sweater! And of course that you can still look cute and comfortable enough for indoor activities too. Plus you saw how cheap this look was? Talk 'bout saving some dough.
What's the weather like where you're from?
And if it's snowing like it is here; what fun are you having?

Thanks for reading!
Please comment and or feel free to ask me questions or give me suggestions!

Keep warm
Love, Minda

Monday, January 27, 2014

Thrift Shop

No worries, folks. 
I'm not plannin' on singing or talking about that song by that beautiful man that is known as Macklemore. But he has a good point. (I actually love that song and I wanna be that man's best friend; for your information)
I just wanna share with you one of the biggest joys in my life.
Thrift shopping.
Reasons that I love thrift shopping?
  • You can find just about ANYTHING from any era or for any style or for any occasion. 
  • You can remake something old into something modern and unique! (Which is one of my favorite things to do)
  • You might take this as a negative but I see it as a positive; but because most thrift shop clothing is out of style that means nobody else has this or wears it anymore! Talk about marching to the beat of your own drum.
  • Tight budget? Thrift shop clothing sometimes is ridiculously cheap or at least way less than you'd be spending on something new. (I know my wallet sure appreciates it)
  • All about that GREEN life? Dude... No additional energy is used to fill our consumerism needs. Reused items divert from landfills. No product waste.

Some of my favorite places to thrift are:
Cringe... Goodwill. A lot of people get all grossed out if you mention a place like this, but man, it totally has some of the cheapest of thrift finds. AND it totally helps people and communities! I always find cool things from there and I love to refashion old fashion. I've bought jeans and made them into shorts. I've even done cool crap like bleach or bedazzle said shorts.
I've bought multiple t-shirts and cut them into tank tops. I then sketched my own designs and sold them.

Now these two pictures are my most recent finds from one of my ABSOLUTE favorite thrift store EVER. (Or at least as of right now)
Buffalo Exchange kicks serious butt when it comes to having super cool thrifts at some pretty darn cheap prices. Plus the people are always really nice and they give you tokens that you get to choose which charity to give it to with every purchase!

Where do I find the absolute cutest sweaters? I have gotten almost every single sweater I have ever owned from a thrift shop.
The top picture is this cute gray slightly fitted sweater that can make anything even an old pair of jeans look classy. Or I might pair it with a printed dress and maybe some combat boots.
The second picture is of this plaid button up.
DUDE, this shirt is super comfy flannel, and,  because it's extra big I can wear it over just leggings. I wasn't a huge fan of the made-to-be-there hole in the back but what sold me was the AWESOME patches on the elbows! I cannot refuse buying anything that has elbow patches.

Well I hope you all enjoyed my little informational post about how I cheaply style my badself.
Ya'll have a great night!

Love, Minda

Monday, January 13, 2014

Lookin' For More?

Hello my little lovelies!
Are you sick and tired of waiting for more blog updates from yours truly? Well I might have myself a little solution for you.

Follow me on Instagram.

I know what you're thinking but I have some decent pics I promise. No blurry photographs or pictures of bloody wounds. Just the things I love. Which means more insight on where I find my fashion finds!

Here are just some sneakypeaks of all the ridiculously awesome/amazing/toocoolforschool pictures I have posted recently.
What about you? Do any of you have cool Instagrams I should be following?
Show me what I'm missing.

Just Do It.

Have a wonderful rest of your Monday, sweeties (:

art, peace, and love,

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Back For The New Year

Hello all my PNW beauties or wherever else you lovelies hail from!
Did you all have awesome a**-kickin' New Year parties? I bet you guys have some resolutions made? I'd love to hear them! Lemme know what you're plannin' for this year.
Resolutions? I have a few.
My word for this year is Travel.
My word from last year was adventure. And I had plenty o' 'ventures to go 'round in two thousand thirteen.

Oh and I guess I promised to blog more so here it is.
I'm back to sharing some NW cheap skate (yet cute) outfits for ya!

Here is just a cozy look for all of this groggy winter weather.
(Beanie: Specially made for me by an artist at the Portland Saturday Market $20, Gray sweater: Thrift $7, Green flowy shirt:  clearance rack $10, Black skinny jeans: $14, Shoes: $10)

I chose these ballet-ish looking flats to give this grunge look a touch of girly-ness.
You could try pairing it with a cute pair of brown ankle boots for warmth. Throw a scarf on it too!

I just wanted to wear something semi cute for this wet North West weather instead of just raincoats and galoshes.
Well thanks for hanging in there while I took forever to post. Those of you who have been following since day one have put up with a lot from me. So thanks! And still a huge thank you to any new faces :)
You guys are the best.

Stay warm and dry!
Peace and love, Minda