Sunday, January 12, 2014

Back For The New Year

Hello all my PNW beauties or wherever else you lovelies hail from!
Did you all have awesome a**-kickin' New Year parties? I bet you guys have some resolutions made? I'd love to hear them! Lemme know what you're plannin' for this year.
Resolutions? I have a few.
My word for this year is Travel.
My word from last year was adventure. And I had plenty o' 'ventures to go 'round in two thousand thirteen.

Oh and I guess I promised to blog more so here it is.
I'm back to sharing some NW cheap skate (yet cute) outfits for ya!

Here is just a cozy look for all of this groggy winter weather.
(Beanie: Specially made for me by an artist at the Portland Saturday Market $20, Gray sweater: Thrift $7, Green flowy shirt:  clearance rack $10, Black skinny jeans: $14, Shoes: $10)

I chose these ballet-ish looking flats to give this grunge look a touch of girly-ness.
You could try pairing it with a cute pair of brown ankle boots for warmth. Throw a scarf on it too!

I just wanted to wear something semi cute for this wet North West weather instead of just raincoats and galoshes.
Well thanks for hanging in there while I took forever to post. Those of you who have been following since day one have put up with a lot from me. So thanks! And still a huge thank you to any new faces :)
You guys are the best.

Stay warm and dry!
Peace and love, Minda


  1. Such a cute, casual outfit! I love the cardigan and beanie you're rocking :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

    1. Ah thank you so much, sweetheart! Ah me too, I stole/borrowed the cardigan from my little sister... shhhhh! Don't tell ;)

  2. Thanks a lot to stop on my blog ! You are so kind, Happy new year and best wishes for you ! Nice 2014 ! hope your friendship forever ! ♥

    1. Yeah of course, Tanya dear, anytime! You're my favorite <3

      Hope your 2014 is wonderful as well!!!