Thursday, February 6, 2014

Washed As White As Snow

Happy February, my lovelies!

Even though I'm probably the hundredth person (in the North West at least) to say this and yet I'm sayin' it anyway...
Good ol' PNW, you never let me down or cease to amaze me.
We gotta about six inches so far and it's still snowing!

My look for the day, is of course, WARM!
I'm all 'bout that big cozy sweater life.
(Sweater: Thrifted $8, Leggings: Hand-me-downs $0, Boots: Ross $18)
I wasn't out in the snow for too long or else I would've had more layers on! However this was a super comfy outfit to wear around the house and yet is cute enough to wear to a ski resort or something!
I wanted to take some pictures out in the snow because it was too pretty that I could not take them. I am showing this look to show of my adorable thrifted sweater! And of course that you can still look cute and comfortable enough for indoor activities too. Plus you saw how cheap this look was? Talk 'bout saving some dough.
What's the weather like where you're from?
And if it's snowing like it is here; what fun are you having?

Thanks for reading!
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Keep warm
Love, Minda